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On Assignment

What is an assignment? In my opinion, an assignment is a mission or undertaking delegated to someone as part of their job responsibilities or part of their studies. It can be referred to as a calling, vocation, function, or duty. Does any of these depictions of the word assignment sound familiar?

The Prophet Jeremiah, according to Jeremiah 1:5, was ordained a prophet to the nations before he was formed in his mother’s belly. This was his assignment from his mother’s womb. Yes, Jeremiah felt as many of us do, “God, I cannot do what you are asking of me. I don’t have the ability, I am lacking.”

Although Jeremiah was reluctant, God reassured him that he did not have to fear man, and made plain the assignment He had placed on his life: a) go where I send you, b) speak what I tell you, c) root out and pull down, d) destroy and throw down, and e) build and plant. This was a big task.

Jeremiah was not the only Man of God who had doubts about their assignment, their calling. The Prophet Isaiah had doubts! Moses had doubts! Gideon had doubts! Abraham and Sarah had doubts – they laughed at God’s promise, God’s assignment for them to have a son in their old age! It was not God’s ability to perform they doubted, it was their human frailties they felt uncertain about. Even Christ, in his humanness, felt the weight of the assignment that He had come to fulfill on the Earth. So much so, that He asked His Father to remove it from Him. See, you are not the only one who has ever had any reservations about God’s calling upon your life.

Where does that leave you and me in 2017? How do we discern what God’s calling is upon our lives? These life decisions cannot be taken lightly, and because it is so important, we should ask God for guidance into what work He wants us to do. We have spiritual assignments, professional assignments, gifts, and talents – whatever your assignment, remember God chose you to fulfill it and be fruitful.

However, we recognize that our first calling is to repentance and salvation. The call to follow Christ, becoming united with Him in every area of our lives allowing His redemptive qualities to shape our day-to-day living. This is our ‘main focus.’ So, rather God is leading you toward a spiritual assignment, a workplace assignment – remember, He will finish the work that He has begun in you. Many are called but few are chosen. Be one of the chosen few! You have a duty and function in the Body of Christ to fulfill!

  • We do not all have the same assignment!

  • Some assignments are long-term and some are short term!

  • Some assignments are for a season only, so stop trying to fleece the assignment - let it go! PASS THE BALL!

  • You are not the assignor, you are the assignee!

  • Some people have more than one assignment - they can handle it!

  • God has assignees that you don't even know about, so get over yourself! Need I say more? YES

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