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Yvonne James

Poet and Novelist


Yvonne is a Christian and Inspirational writer! She published her first book in 2016! She fell in love with poetry when introduced to the literary works of Paul Lawrence Dunbar, especially his literature in old Negro dialect.

Larry Avrech Head Shot.jpg

Larry Avrech

Cop True Story

March 2019

Police officer Larry Avrech loved his work and passionately wanted to help his community. So, when he was fired for investigating corruption in his department involving a prostitute it was a powerful blow.


Arielle B.

Sky Photographer

April 2020

Growing up in Memphis, it was evident from an early age that Arielle B. had an interest in the skies, the heavens. She was an avid reader of books in her teenage years, most of which were science books pertaining to astronomy.

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