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It is not Easy, but it is Worth it!

In 2016, I started "Blogging with Yvonne" as an Inspirational Blogger to stay connected with my readers. My goal is to inspire you to keep your faith, stay focused, and FINISH! My motto is, "I will stand as a beckon of light everywhere I am planted - in my home, on my job, in my community, on my blog! My shine will not be diminished by hatred or animosity! My life will point people to Christ! I am not my own! I belong to Him! I will rise above my circumstances to achieve my goals! I will not be bound by my past, my failures, or my disappointments! The chains of defeat are broken, and the shackles of despair are destroyed! I am free to be all God has created me to be, and I am not afraid to walk in my calling! I found my voice, and MY DESTINY AWAITS ME!"

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