Our First Saturday
Community Meetings

Our Writers' BLOCK refers to a Writers' COMMUNITY! We are a writer's support group focused on providing self-published authors opportunities to promote themselves, sell their product, build their fan base, gather reviews, and connect with their audience! 

Meeting Location:


Hickory Hill Community Center 

3910 Ridgeway Road

Memphis, TN 38115

In the USA, a 'block' refers to a city block, a neighborhood surrounded by streets – where you live, grow, learn, play, and develop! A group of people considered together, bound by a common interest! An individual who lives on your 'block' is considered your neighbor! Lets Start Building Our Writing Community!



Saturday, June 6, 2020, at 2 PM, we will host our first 1st Saturday Sowing Seeds of Success: Community Meeting for Authors. To cover light refreshments, the participation fee is $7.75 (Free for active Writers' Block Membership Group members) per author.  Our community meetings are for published authors only! 


It is a monthly event to support and generate book sales and reviews for all participating authors.  During our first meeting in June 2020, we will be laying the groundwork.  Sowing into the Success of Others!


Authors, register here

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