Meet Our Team of Vendors ~ Book Signing and More, "Marketplace at Wolfchase!"


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Your Distinguished Poet and Novelist Yvonne James

Your pop-up shop (temporary store) Host and Promoter, Yvonne James,  has been slaying the pop-up shop scene at Wolfchase Galleria since 2017! Over the years, her Literary Pop-Up Shops (Book Signing and More Marketplaces)  have drawn authors and entrepreneurs from as far as Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi! 

You can purchase her books at, and you can also purchase and enjoy her books on her flip book eReader at 

"Cherish and enjoy your quiet times with an inspirational book by Yvonne!"

Meet Yvonne year-round JC Penney/Center Court 

Wolfchase Galleria, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, Memphis, TN!


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Ms Zeno Entertainment & Accessories


Ms Zeno is a known Blues Artist representing Memphis nationally & internationally.


She has launched her online business of breathable masks for adults & kids. To slow down the spread of Covid-19. Her high-quality recommended breathable mask is designed for comfort while wearing over an extended period of time. The carbon filter is designed to filter out at least 95% of particles. Similar to N95. The filter is made of five layers of non-woven and activated charcoal microfiber. 

Mask up to save lives & slow down the spread of COVID-19 during this Pandemic. The fall and winter season is approaching. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I will also gladly autograph my CD's. 

Meet Zeno October 16-18, 2020 JC Penney/Center Court Wolfchase Galleria, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, Memphis, TN!


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Your Paparazzi Jewelry Bling Boss DeQuona Taylor

Always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5.00, Paparazzi Accessories are trendy and classic!


Our Book Signing and More Marketplace go-to Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant, DeQuona Taylor, has been bossing the scene with her $5 bling at our events since its conception at Singleton Community Center in Bartlett TN in 2016!  A Paparazzi Consultant since August 2016, DeQuona quickly advanced to Director in 2017. For the last two years, she has ranked Life of the Party (LOP) Bronze.

DeQuona joined Paparazzi to supplement her income and because she likes to wear jewelry; but, as time went on, she made Paparazzi her main business. She just enjoys glamorizing the women and men who shop with her! 

"A Boss Queen Selling $5 Bling!"

Meet DeQuona year-round JC Penney/Center Court Wolfchase Galleria, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, Memphis, TN!


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Ki J Styles and Royalty Lashes

Nakiya James

It is a universally known fact that longer and fuller eyelashes frame the eye - making your eyes seem bigger and more alert!   Packaged in her signature crowned casing, Ki J Styles' Royalty Lashes come in six stylish strips, and whichever style(s) you select, Royalty Lashes are perfect accessories to boldly move your fashion and cosmetic game to the next level! 


Alexandra wisps out and gives your eyes a fine and feathery cat-eye appearance.  Dione offers you a fuller wispy look.  Queenie gives your eyes that dramatic full appearance. Raina creates a more full and spaced wispy look on your eyes.  


Rhiannon offers your eyes a light and long look, and finally, there is Victoria - this stylish 3D lash offers a natural, fuller, and fluffy appearance to your eyes!

Ki J Styles' Royalty Lashes will show off and frame your already beautiful eyes - making them more glamorous! Giving you the beautiful lashes you have always wanted by accentuating your eyes and bringing out their most desirable features! 

Meet Nakiya October 16-18, 2020 JC Penney/Center Court Wolfchase Galleria, 2760 North Germantown Parkway, Memphis, TN!

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