"Storms are a force of nature, and when they arise, the world can be a scary place. This book will drastically improve your attitude and how you look at the trials you face from day-to-day by teaching you to see the storms in your life as opportunities vs. oppositions – stepping stones and not stumbling blocks" (29 pages).

"Each breath that I breathe is an irreplaceable opportunity to consummate my goals; I will not be afraid to see visions and indulge in wishful thinking.  I will not assent to another person's wrong supposition of me, but I will endeavor to improve my frailties and reinforce my strengths. I will by no means foster another person's behavior as my own, but I will pursue understanding, wisdom, and guidance in constructing a reputation befitting of me. 'Forever Flowing Free' embodies forty-two pieces of poetry and six flash narratives!"



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