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My name is Brittany Brown, my humble beginnings started in the picturesque Savannah, GA. I moved to Atlanta GA where I attained my undergrad BA in Broadcast Journalism minoring in Speech. After meandering with small part-time jobs, I decided to see the world. I am currently a flight attendant. For five years now, I have traveled and experienced things most people only read about. I have a blog where I document my travels from the perspective of a flight attendant. I am pursuing a career in being a novelist to further educate readers on travels and the joys and pain of wanderlust. I now live in Memphis, TN and work out of Chicago IL.

Brittany is currently working on her first novel, "Fit for Duty."  Fit for duty is about a young flight attendant navigating the world with unrealistic views and expectations of the world and people around her. She gets into relationships with men and always leaves with a negative habit and distrust for men. Not until she starts living on her own terms and understanding her own reality does she begin to start living life right and on purpose. Sherry has to go back through the twists and wrong turns to understand who she really is and what she wants. With the help of her close friend Zipporah, she seeks counseling is finally fit for duty.

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