Authors, Artists,  and all Entrepreneurs promote and sell your product, market and build your brand, connect with your audience and expand your consumer base at our Book Signing and More Marketplaces in a premier indoor and sought-after retail location.  The originator of the Literary Pop-Up Shop, Book Signing and More Marketplaces, Yvonne has been building, growing, and slaying the pop-up shop scene at Wolfchase Galleria since 2017!


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Pictured Your Distinguished Poet and Novelist Yvonne James, Memphis, TN! 


Home of The Literary Pop-Up Shop and The Writers' Block Membership Group

In the USA, a 'block' refers to a city block, a neighborhood surrounded by streets – where you live, grow, learn, play, and develop! A group of people considered together, bound by a common interest! An individual who lives on your 'block' is considered your neighbor! Building a community is not for the faint of heart!

"Morning is not a time, it is a place!   A place where fresh thoughts and  new ideas embrace as they meet to reflect

and  contemplate  on how  to make today  better than yesterday!"

~ Yvonne James


"The merchandise presentation caught my eye. Author Yvonne James, I appreciated her brief conversation about her products. I am looking forward to sporting my Father's Day t-shirt on behalf of my deceased dad. It's beautiful!"  


Consumer, Tennessee, Book Signing and More, "Marketplace at Wolfchase" 

"I received my copy of 'See His Glory' from Barnes and Noble, read it, and plan to read it again! Love it, love it. Your daughter (Jennifer James) did an excellent job on the foreword. I applaud both of you for your word choices! I love words. 'See His Glory' is simplistic but profound. Great job and be blessed."


Helene Carr, Tennessee

     "Elder Yvonne James started the Literary Market in 2017. This market serves as a platform for small businesses to showcase their products in a mall setting. I have been a part of the market since it started and my business has grown tremendously. Elder James (Author), myself (Paparazzi Jewelry), and other business owners are in attendance every month at the Wolfchase Mall Center Court to serve your needs. You can vend one day, two days or the whole weekend. This event is solely sponsored by Elder James and not the Wolfchase Mall so contact her if you want to be a part of this growing market. You'll be glad you did!"

DeQuona Taylor, Tennessee

“Thanks so much for sharing your platform with us in 2018!”

Kinyah Bean, B Chill Lemonade, Tennessee

"Yvonne, you are a special woman, and I am grateful to know you. Your book is a gift to all. I am in Seattle and will have to read more when I return. When I started it, I could not put it down. So much richness and depth of soul. What a beautiful afternoon at the book signing." 

Janet Nicholson Zimmerman, Washington, D.C.

"I love it when I read a teaser, and it says finish on the page (whatever), and I can pick up MY book 'Baring My Soul' and finish it. Thanks, Yvonne!"


Catherine Pitts-Thomas, Tennessee

"I remember reading this poem (Female Genital Mutilation) in your book 'Baring My Soul' Elder Yvonne James. It's a very thought-provoking and stirring piece that etched in my mind from the first time. May God continue to use the works of your hand and your creativity to stir our souls. You are phenomenal at what you do!"


Yolanda Benson, Tennessee


"I have received my RocheWear T-Shirt in a very timely manner. It is amazing. I will be ordering more next month. Being honest is the best policy. I find Yvonne James to be one of the most honest people to deal with online."



Ann  Bates, Mississippi

   "This was the perfect road trip book. I cannot remember when is the last time I read a book so fast.  Support your local business owners.  This woman just happened to be selling this book in the middle of my local mall (Wolfchase Galleria).
     As soon as I read the title, "I Liked You Better When I Didn't Like You,"  I had to buy it.  But beware of page 263.  Thanks, Elder Yvonne James for the opportunity of meeting such a talented author (Jhordynn, Shreveport, LA)."


Faith Smith,  Memphis, TN

     "Mrs. James, I want to say, reading your book 'Baring My Soul' opened my eyes to a lot of things that we tend to overlook because of who the persons may be. However,  you have become a blessing, and God knows that. I thank Him for you because there are so few people like you. Sometimes we reach out to people who think and say the right thing, but it's just sometimes all talk. If we can be honest with ourselves, love God, love ourselves and others, and not give them a part of us - that is so precious because it's like a bomb that explodes and you're wondering when it's going to stop exploding.

     I thank God for putting the right people in my life so that I can continue to grow and know that even though you love people that are close to you, God said, 'you still have to know who lay among you' because it might be them. Right now, I'm baring my soul.

     Continue to fly and share your spiritual love for others because your purpose is so much bigger then one can see. God bless much love."

Diane Davis-Thomas, Tennessee

"It was great to be a part of The Writers' Block Literary Pop-Up Shop as a non-author vendor. I enjoyed hearing the authors tell about their books and the positive vibes of all involved were great. I look forward to participating in future events." 


Kimberly Walker, Tennessee

"I vended on May 12th, 2018 at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis Tennessee. The experience was absolutely

wonderful! I gained some new readers for my books, and was able to get exposure. I plan to attend two more events this year. Thank you Mrs. Yvonne for offering these opportunities."  


Author N. L. Hudson, Arkansas

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